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Boys swimming trunks, new kids on the block

Boys' swimming trunks. Easy, you think. Yes, but not for a moment. The little guys have their own demands when it comes to fashion these days. Instagram is also hot with the boys and you want to have a good pair of beach pants hanging around your hips. A pair of swim trunks for boys might seem easier to pick out than a set of swimwear for girls, but nowadays men have high demands when it comes to sun, sea and beach fashion. Luckily we know that better than anyone at Dutch Designers Outlet, so we've gathered together a selection of rock-solid brands that offer every boy a world-class pair of swimming trunks!

- 70%

Nickey Nobel Joep
Blue/Print Swimshort

24.95 7.49
- 70%

Nickey Nobel Liam
Blue/White Swimshort

24.95 7.49
- 80%
SALE - Dump

Shiwi Kids Sports
Navy/Blue Swimshort

19.95 3.99
- 80%
SALE - Dump

Today's beach boys with the coolest swimsuits

Cool boys' swimming trunks. That's what the Dutch beachwear designers have been thinking about. Fashion is no longer just the domain of women and girls. Men and boys can have some too, and Dutch Designers Outlet thinks it's absolutely right. There are high demands on the fashion-conscious gentleman of today, so more and more boys understand that they really need to focus on the better brands if they want to stand out in the summer. Then it's a good thing that you live in the Netherlands, because this is where the most amazing designer swimwear for men is created. And, we also have Dutch Designers Outlet to make sure you can get all that beauty at very small discount prices. Just order online from the largest designer outlet when it comes to boys swimwear! Nice and easy, nice and cheap and delivered at home before you know it. Just the thing for the modern beach boy of today!


Swimming trunks that never go away

Boys' swimming trunks don't have it easy in the summer. They get a lot of running and swimming in them, not to mention all those hours spent sitting and lying on the grass, sand and rocks of distant shores. Wear and tear shouldn't be an issue in the months that matter, so any top brand will make boys swim shorts in materials that can take more than a beating! Tell your parents: We use the latest synthetic fibres and the most innovative materials, so the fabric dries in no time and sun, salt water and sand don't affect the look of our boys' swimming trunks. That would be a shame, by the way, because all those cute and dazzling designs would fade right away after a few hours of swimming fun.


All the colours of the rainbow

Because boys' swimming trunks should pop, you'll find the best colours and combinations in our collection. Bright or cool and natural: it all depends on which boy's swimming trunks you prefer. There's no lack of crazy patterns and flashy images, but classics like plain striped boys' swimming trunks are also in the race: repeated due to success. There's no shortage of surprising colours, fabrics and combinations at Dutch Designers Outlet. The only thing we don't go all out for in our boys swim shorts is the price. Boys' swimming trunks from Dutch Designers Outlet are always affordable, so every summer little men can run around the beach in big names!

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