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Nightwear by brand

You are already beautiful of yourself, we know because we have the most beautiful customers. And would you like to look beautiful day and night, even with clothes on? Then we have the most beautiful nightwear brands for you in our extensive lingerie collection. Because nightwear is no longer about boring pajamas and the nightgowns of our grandmothers. No, nowadays you can do anything with the nightwear of LingaDore, Cybéle, Sapph or After Eden. Just a few of the brands that we have included in our collection. From very comfortable to very naughty and everything in between. The nightwear of the lingerie brands give every woman the emphasis she deserves! We also have nightwear for men, but that's another page...

Nightwear brands

Lingerie brands are traditionally very good at designing nightwear. That's because they understand exactly that a design should fit so that you look great, but above all you shouldn't feel that you're wearing it. The patterns of the nightwear listen closely, even if it is loose. Of course, you shouldn't wake up at night completely tangled in your pajamas, nightgown or slipdress. So nightwear by brand is an important branch of sport at Dutch Designers Outlet.


Great brands of nightwear for women

Are you looking for pajamas you can choose from satin, from cotton, from keky tulle at Fuel for Passion and Sapph. We have night dresses in short and long and with or without sleeves. The choice on these pages is again huge. And of course we also have nightwear for large sizes, because that's what we've been specializing in the last few years. Are you looking for a nice slipdress for all your round shapes? Then we have it for you. Want to shine in the most beautiful nightwear with a few extra sizes? You can find it with us. A large size nightwear is no longer extraordinary. It is very common in our online nightwear store.


Nightwear by brand with discount

We stock all Dutch nightwear brands, because we think it's important that you can make a good choice and that you find something that suits your taste. So we buy a wide range. In addition, we find the price of your new nightwear set at least as important. So we want to offer you nice discounts. We think we've managed to do both. So curl up on the couch in your current nightwear items or take a good look at your nightwear. With our great offers from Pastunette, for example, you can give your lingerie and nightwear collection a nice update, so you'll look beautiful and hip again at night. Often our items are so beautiful that you can enjoy a long night with all eyes on you. Our nightwear brands make you more beautiful, even when the lights are off!

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