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Nightwear sets

Go to bed beautiful in a fine nightwear set. Sounds like a gift from Saint Nicholas, but is a great gift in all months of the year. Whether you fit in an extra small or a little more, up to 4XL we have the most beautiful sleepwear sets for women. All Dutch lingerie brands that we carry have nightwear sets in the collection. Because if you are already comfortable in your underwear, then a sleep set is also good to have.

LingaDore Night Brown Dots
Brown Pajama


As a set to bed

When you purchase a sleep set, we think, it should also look very comfortable. Let the big lingerie brands have gone wild on this one. You'll be truly picture perfect on the couch and in bed with a fine sleep set ladies! Let's walk through it briefly. Do you want a camisole with shorts, or would you rather have pajamas with nice long sleeves and long pants? With us you don't have to choose, because we offer both at discounts that make you jump out of bed right away.


Fine sets sleep better

A nice set in bed, that not only sleeps wonderfully, but you can also jump right out of bed and open the door. Because the nightwear sets are so beautifully designed, that it's not crazy if you overslept, to sit with them in the Teams consultation. Take a look at the LingaDore sets for example, they are super hip and happening, right? We call them short-sleeves, shorts with a top. Leave them on, we say, all day long.


Nightwear as a set

Especially in the winter we want to crawl under the wool nice and warm. Then all nightwear brands like Sapph, Cybéle, After Eden and LingaDore, have cute pajamas for you. Even a sporty spice can go to bed in style. Now don't think you have to be a size 36 to look good, no ya, even with a size 48 you're gorgeous in a nightwear set. If you're more of a 'just do it' kind of girl, then brand Cybéle has lovely jersey nightwear sets, a long sleeve shirt and a long pair of lounge pants. So you can lie on the couch with a hot chocolate. Hmmmm...


Buy sleep set

We just think you're convinced about having (several) sleep set(s) in your private collection. Then we can more than help you. Shop through these pages and fill your shopping basket with all that beauty. Do you do that nicely on working days before 16:00? Then we'll give your nice nightwear sets to the letter carrier that day. Sleep tight!

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