Sleeping shorts for ladies

You don't like to sleep dressed, but you don't like to sleep naked? Then we have in thenightwearWe also have women's shorts for you. Then you can wear something comfortable and look fashionable. From extra small to extra large, we have shorts for sleeping in all sizes. Bed shorts are often nicely cut and a bit wider than normal shorts, so they won't get in the way when you turn over in bed. The space allows you to move around freely. That's good, because nobody lies quietly under the covers all night.

Sleepy shorts

Our sleep shorts come in beautiful colors and are often made of a satin-like fabric. This is because it feels like a second skin. Sounds a little creepy, but by that we mean that you don't feel your shorts. In fact, we think you can step into the shower with your sleepy head, only to find out you're still wearing your shorts. If you are not into smooth fabrics, there are also women's sleep shorts made of a fine viscose. That's a natural, synthetic fiber. What? Yes you can, viscose consists for the most part, about 90% of fibers from cellulose, which in turn comes from trees. And although that doesn't sound very comfortable, it is one of the most comfortable fabrics to sleep in.


Short sleep pants for women

In short, you can sleep well in just a pair of shorts. The shorts also have nice colors and sometimes fine edges. That makes it a nightwear piece you can show off. Because the eye wants something too, of course. Looks very sexy though, suchshorts of LingaDore with such a beautiful edge. But the natural viscose sleep shorts also have a beautiful finish. Another great sleep fabric is cotton. And that can also be processed into a nice embroidery design. So for every lady there is a pair of shorts for the night in the assortment ofDutch Designers Outlet.


Nightwear shorts for women

Hopefully we've convinced you of the comfort and look of our sleep shorts collection. If not, we recommend you to scroll through it yourself. After all, we are firmly convinced that you really can't resist so many goodies. And to start with bedwear, shorts are a great place to start. It may not be a big deal, but that's what makes it so comfortable. For summer nights, we really recommend a pair of shorts for in bed. Another advantage is that when it gets really hot between the sheets, you can get out of these shorts in no time. We see only advantages. Finally, we also give you nice discounts onnightwear sleep shorts for women. No reason not to try it anymore, right!


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