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Natural in the broadest sense of the word. The "natural woman" beautiful inside and radiant outside. Conscious.... in how she lives her life, what she eats and how she consumes. She who knows how to move herself optimally in this busy society. This woman is happy with who she is. She is responsibly beautiful and a Slow Beauty. She lives her life from the heart and creates her own #Moments.


At #Moments you will find luxurious, stylish home accessories & lifestyle products that will make your house a real home and let you enjoy your Me Time to the fullest. All our fragrance products are handmade, natural and vegan.

Living to the rhythm of nature

Sit by the fire, stoke up the fire and feel its warmth! This is associated with shorter days, less light, calm, cold, and dry winds that winter brings with all its sharpness and crispness. Winter embodies a distinct level of silence. The birds don't whistle, and many animals change color, migrate, or hibernate. For us humans too, winter is a time for hibernation and retreat, though not too much, and thus a time for reflection and visualization.

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