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Believe: beauty, humor & glory

The Story

Beauty, humor & glory. Is she a goddess, or just super feminine at the height of her powers. She has faith in herself and celebrates the heights of her success. A beautiful vanilla scent combined with the depth of amber. She is sensual and irresistible.


The Scent

A magnetic duel between two intensities; blossoms with an absolute of patchouli and the addictive power of amber and sandalwood.

Color Associations

Brown - Color of simplicity and balance.


Orange - Colour of dancing and being limitless.


Green - Color of strong roots and fine wings.



Sandelwood - The action of various substances creates a beautiful subtle and very feminine scent.


Amber -An oil composed of various types of exotic flowers.


Patchoulli -Different woods with a sensual fragrance used in this collection.

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