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The Story

Elegant as a French lady, she leaves behind a strong aura of "courage" that is sparked by beautiful people around her. It's much more than a hint of scent, it's a hint of freedom combined with courage that takes her to unprecedented heights and puts her right in the middle of life.


The Scent

Absolute top notes of citrus, peach and jasmine combine with vanilla and musk to form a solid base of vigour and conviction.

Color Associations

Red - Colour of action and decisiveness.


Green - Color of strong roots and fine wings.


Grey - Colour of balance, protection and refinement.



Citrus - Citrus gives a perfume refreshing and sparkling properties and provides the pleasantly effervescent top note in our nose. The fragrance can increase the clarity of mind, and gives a sunny and optimistic feeling. In home fragrance collections, citrus gives an impression of airy elegance and brightness.


Jasmine - The peace of a field of Arabian jasmine, the most precious of jasmine. The purity of the white buds in the light of dawn, fresh from the morning dew.


Vanilla - Natural vanilla is a delicious yet precious spice, derived from the vanilla orchid. Vanilla smells full, sweet, balsamic, slightly spicy and soft.

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