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Good Feeling: she is cheerful, light and playful

The Story

She is cheerful, light-hearted and playful like the wind that darts in from the sea and the sand that softly plays with her fingers. She gets a happy and good feeling from the summer that carries her away on the countless fresh scents that make her enjoy herself again and again.


The Scent

The scent of beautiful consecutive summers, not "compelling", just relaxed and a relaxed olfactory pleasure. Born of an abundant bouquet of lilacs in motion - where notes dart around and over each other in an airy ambiance. No unexpected dance partners to share the floral wealth with. Simply pure and clean, like the natural simplicity and elegance that every woman possesses.

Color Associations

Brown - Color of simplicity and balance.


Yellow - Color of thinking, learning new things and taking your stage.


White - Colour of showing and shining.



Ornaments - The tranquility of a field of Arabian jasmine, the most precious jasmine. The purity of the white buds in the light of dawn, fresh from the morning dew.

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