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Sunday Mornings: let yourself be carried away on the legendary scent of precious memories

The Story

Serene and almost resembling an angel who always sees the positive in people and brings it to the surface. Combined with wisdom and life experience makes her loved by many people. She knows how to keep calm and knows the power of a relaxed life.


The Scent

A wonderfully velvety, softly creamy fragrance that is almost sensual in approach. The top note, beautiful white flowers, provide the relaxed intimacy and the hint of musk is the calming element we so long for at the end of the working week.

Color Associations

White - Color of showing and shining.


Yellow - Color of thinking, learning new things and taking your stage.


Gold - Color of beautiful and connecting.



Ylang Ylang - A natural light sweet floral scent. The symbolism of femininity in the lily goes hand in hand with purity.


White Musk - The scent of white musk has a seductive yet fresh feel. It feels young and energetic and lets you rediscover your femininity.


Amber - Amber fragrances are warm, full, sunny and often sensual scents.

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