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Guest Soap

Ever been in a hotel where there was a bar of soap waiting for you? It's called a guest soap. Do you remember what you did with that bar of soap? Probably put it in your bag and took it home. Once you got home, you had a nice memory of a stay at a beautiful vacation destination. Was it by chance the Provence where the Marseille soap comes from?

In our large assortment of Marseille soap, we have purchased a number of fragrances that you can give as gifts to your own guests. How nice when your guests step into the (guest) bathroom and are warmly welcomed by the scents of fresh passion fruit, lemon or soft jasmine.

In addition to delighting your guests with a guest soap, you can also order it for your own use. This soap is a lot handier than our 'regular' soap bars and therefore fits easily into your toilet bag. So you are guaranteed a pleasantly scented soap when you travel.


Another advantage of the guest soap is that it runs out faster and you can start another scent sooner. Although that doesn't matter when you want to mixmatch anyway and experience a range of scents. Tip from Dutch Designers Outlet: get the coconut and lime soap! That should be a golden pair.


Also put a block of Marseille soap in the lingerie drawer or the closet. Moths don't like the smell at all while you enjoy it every morning when you open the door. Take the Cotton Blossom and your underwear will smell wonderfully clean and fresh!

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