LingaDore Strings

LingaDore, mi amore...surely a thong with this name should make for sweltering summer nights. Although the name is reminiscent of an Italian fashion house, LingaDore is a fantastic underwear brand from Dutch soil. And this fine brand with the romantic name has a beautiful collection of bras, thongs , underpants and other beauty for under your outerwear. The design is inspired by romantic themes, putting a thoroughly feminine feel within reach for any budget - especially when combined with our incredible discount prices! Just feast your eyes on our LingaDore thong page.

LingaDore Magic

- 40%

LingaDore thongs are invisible as long as you want them to be.

With these gorgeous, hot-blooded Italian ladies-inspired thongs, you no longer have to worry about seams showing through your skirt or skinny jeans. It's almost a shame, because these thongs are finally something you want to show off. And sometimes you can secretly do that, because some designs, for example, have a slightly higher waistband that peeks out above your jeans like a pretty belt. If you are more of an inside-out lady and want to keep it all neat and tidy in your pants, you can also go for a LingaDore Daily thong, because there are also beautiful thong designs for the more understated ladies. Which we then price ordinarily so that every lady can walk in a LingaDore thong.


Graceful and romantic thongs from LingaDore

The graceful shapes and romantic colors of LingaDore thongs create that wonderful oh la la feeling. That's how it should be with subtly designed lingerie: it's invisible as long as you need it to be, but as soon as you show it off, it immediately draws all the attention to itself. Apt use of color and smart choices in fabrics are a trademark of this fast-growing fashion house, so you can always rely on the right touches that bring out your feminine sides in the strongest possible way. Women in control, that's what LingaDore is all about, so keep the lingerie direction firmly in your hands with LingaDore thongs. Count on stealing the show whenever you want with the confident looks your latest LingaDore thong lets you exude!


Affordable luxury LingaDore thongs at Dutch Designers Outlet

LingaDore thongs are your ticket to affordable luxury for under any outfit. Which is just as well, because that immediately qualifies this strong brand for the Dutch Designers Outlet collection. Because hello there, you don't just drop in on us. However, LingaDore is one of our regulars when it comes to lingerie. And with the thongs of this beautiful brand, combined with our discounts, you can enjoy for a very long time. So what are you waiting for, throw out the Italian mama in you and shop in our LingaDore lingerie sale.

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