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You know, worked hard and the last day of work was longer than you thought. Finally on vacation. And then you find out that you just don't have a nice set of swimwear. Fortunately, there is the bargain corner of Dutch Designers Outlet. Where you can order a swimwear set on weekdays before 16:00, and they will send it the same day. And, look again, have you seen what it costs? Here in the bargain corner, the bikini is not yet free. But it is!!!

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The beach swimwear bargain corner

You'll be happy to beach on these pages with sample bikinis from Sapph, shop for your kids at a nice Boobs and Bloomers or just pick up a nice set from Nickey Nobel. And it won't blow your vacation budget either, because have you ever taken a good look at those prices? No typos on this page, you can shop a bikini for as little as twelve euros. Or how about a Sapph swimsuit for only 19.50? Really, in the bargain corner you can quietly beach and swim around. You will not get bored with the mega low sale prices.


Very last bikinis with mega discount

Just be careful while swimming and don't drown...these are truly the very last items of swimwear we are offering at these prices. Now you're thinking, "There must be something wrong with it." Well nicely not. These are brand new unworn bathing suits, bikinis and after beach wear items. Only the very latest items, which is why we can offer them so beautifully. It makes space in our warehouse and you have a fantastic cheap new item in your closet and in your suitcase. So celebrate the summer in a great fashion item from the best fashion brands, for a very nice soft price.


Super-cheap bathing suits

This swimwear is designed by the best Dutch lingerie and swimwear designers. Often they also design so-called samples. These are absolutely delicious to get, and the chance that someone else is wearing the same set is minimal. We love it. So shop your super cheap and beautifully designed swimsuits in the swimwear bargain corner at Dutch Designers Outlet.

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