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Scoring unique samples, for a uniquely low price. That is what we Dutch really like. So sometimes you wait a very long time until you find that very sample sale where you can score a unique piece of design. Because sample sales, they often last only one day. Well, we can make you happy, because at Dutch Designers Outlet it's a sale every day, where you can score unique samples every day.

Super Sexy by Sapph slips cheaply into your basket

Sapph Super Sexy samples we have now put on sale sale. Don't fret, because we'll take good care of your new sexy lingerie sets. These bikini and lingerie samples are made by Sapph. Before a collection is actually produced, Sapph's lingerie and swimwear designers get to go wild on all kinds of prints and designs. They also experiment with different shapes, materials and color combinations in lingerie and bikinis. Then, examples are made, which are called samples. So sometimes only a few of them are made. This means that it is rare that someone else walks around with exactly the same Sapph bikini or that you have already seen the same lingerie set from Sapph on another body.


Lingerie by Sapph: limited edition, for sale now

Because samples are only made in limited quantities, there aren't that many of them. You know what's even nicer? We're giving a whopping seventy (70!) percent discount on these samples. So you can pick out a hyper original top, bra, panty or tan for less than half the price! Super Sapphig! As if that set was made especially for you. The very latest Sapph sets you buy with us, at Dutch Designers Outlet! And don't be afraid: in most cases size- and/or laundry labels are missing. These are removed for the photo shoot so they are not visible in the picture. Often these labels are handwritten, so even more original!


Super nice sample sale sets

What could be more fun than buying an original set of lingerie that no one else has? Well, buying a lingerie sample set in the sale of course. Us Dutchmen are nervous, we want value for our underwear money. On this page you will find more than value for money. Here you are going to buy your latest and most original bikini or lingerie set for a price where you almost think: 'that's too good to be true.' It is true, it is good. We give you the go-ahead for a sale shopping extravaganza. All you have to do is stay on these pages.


Sapph Beach samples, unique items for sales prices

These unique Sapph Beach samples are now waiting for you. These -sometimes one of a kind- bikini's, can already be in your closet or in your suitcase this week. You only need to start shopping online. From your easy chair, that goes without saying. Do you see yourself walking around in a beautiful pink / panther print bikini? Or have you been looking for the latest Sapph Beach sample Bubbles black pre-shaped bikini top? Then I recommend you to go and score now. Of course you will not find all sizes of bras and all sizes of bikini tops on this page. Because samples are limited. So if your size is there, don't hesitate and drop your top in your basket.

We at Dutch Designers Outlet are proud of the Sapph brand and are happy to sell you these original designs as well. So just go for it and try to buy that very last and very original underwear set... before it's too late.

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