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Sloggi Men

Sloggi gentlemen, yes gentlemen, for you. Sloggi is so well known that the brand name alone brings to mind certain underwear. As men we still remember the Sloggi advertisement for women. With those beautiful white tight pants, and nothing else. Now there's a Sloggi beauty for men too, namely the Sloggi Men collection.


Sloggi Men saw the light of day in 1986 and became incredibly popular. In fact, Sloggi briefs are the most worn underwear brand by men. That says something, doesn't it? So how cool is it that you can put your gorgeous buttocks into an iconic pair of briefs? And we promise, it's solid, but certainly not boring.

Sloggi Men, the iconic underpants

Such iconic Sloggi Men briefs deserve a dedicated audience. So we want to know if you're already a member of the Sloggi Men movement. Did you know that Sloggi has sold over a billion pairs of panties since 1979, in more than 30 different countries? That means a lot of men already appreciate this wonderful brand. We start with the Sloggi Men panties. You know, those basic white men's briefs. Basics you need in your closet, so you can buy these Sloggi's in 2packs. Also in black and also in grey. The basis is there. Sloggi briefs are for men who are active in life. No fuss, just keep on going. Because of the fine breathable fabric the Sloggi's are also very handy during sports. The Sloggi panties have a flexible fit for freedom of movement and the sturdy waistband keeps everything nicely in place.


Sloggi Menon the Move

Then you can click through to the beautiful Sloggi Men boxers. There are different fits, from the classic short-legged boxer shorts to one of the innovations of this fashion brand: the Sloggi Men. mOve FLEX micro boxershort These boxers have a fit that will blow your mind. So soft and supple that you don't even feel that you're wearing them. This is also due to the light and functional material, which breathes and preserves body temperature. Okay, that sounds a little scary: breathable material, but that basically means that you don't get sweaty buttocks in this material. It's a stretchy material with double mesh panels on the front. Another great Sloggi Men fact, these boxers have no labels. So that stinging feeling you get from one of those annoying name or washing labels is gone in the mOve FLEX by Sloggi. You'll be jumping through hoops! And that's easy, in your Sloggi!


Sloggi Men for the basic underwear fan

Did the Sloggi Men collection convince you a bit already? Well, you've been reading this collection for breath, so now it's time to fill your basket, right? In addition to all that beauty, Dutch Designers Outlet also has Sloggi Shirts and Sloggi Tights on offer to give your underwear the finishing touch. Take for example the Sloggi Men ever fresh shirt. It is made of Creora Fresh elastane, polyamide and Pima cotton. This blend makes the fabric silky soft and comfortable to wear. So it's nice to walk, sport and run outside, without being bothered by chafing edges.


And you already know this from the female fans of Dutch Designers Outlet: the price is no excuse. Even better, you can just put a couple of 2-packs in your basket. Add something for your partner and you're a Sloggi Men hero!

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