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Mila Swimsuits

Mila, a swimwear brand for women who like a more exclusive look. Not to keep up appearances, but to emphasize the refinement of your beach body. Okay, Mila's swimsuits do hold something up. Your beautiful bust. The swimsuits in fact often have pre-shaped cups, padding and an extra elastic band that is placed just below your bottom for an even better fit. A swimsuit with benefits therefore! Whether you have a cup B or a cup F. Mila swimsuits work for you.

Mila swimsuits, miraculous

So the Mila swimsuits, they work in your favor. They give your best side a very nice touch. The swimsuits have pleats on the front to hide that little tummy. They often have an elastic band under the preformed cups and a non removable padding, so that your mamma mia's will look their best.


You can see this bathing suit as Shapewear on the beach. You don't see that you are correcting anything of course, it works almost miraculously. The fantastic prints and beautiful lines ofMila's swimwear make you look like a beautiful diva. Your curves are fantastically emphasized in a swimsuit by Mila. Not in the least because of the use of beautiful materials, which are also chlorine resistant, quick drying, moisture wicking and wrinkle resistant.


Mila swimsuits, designer designs

The Mila swimsuit designers understand how it works. They focus on the confident ladies who embrace their curves and love to swim regularly. They design for sizes 36 to 48. And they design from the principle: exclusive but affordable. And that's where we at Dutch Designers Outlet come in. As a truly Dutch company we don't want to pay a penny too much for those beautiful Mila swimsuits. And we don't want you to pay a penny too much either. So we offer these beautiful swimsuits for just as attractive prices. They will make you feel Mila fantastic!


Imagine yourself in Milan with a Mila swimsuit

The Mila Beach swimsuits are so tight and beautifully printed and designed that you can wear a pair of high heels under them, a skirt over them and you can go shopping in Milan. Or down the Prinsessenlaan in Hoogeveen. No matter what, you will always look great in a Mila swimsuit. The collection is not large in numbers, but keeps it a bit more exclusive. So that you are the radiant center of attention. Preferably for a low price. We think you will have filled your basket in no time. Do we say, "Mila Grazie!"

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