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dec 5, 2022

Dear girlfriends and friends of this lingerie empire, and especially mine, it's finally here again: Christmas, New Year, presents, food. Yay! Last year around this time we were in a nasty lockdown, so your delightful wagging fashion guru is extra motivated to put up the lingerie garlands, make the baubles sparkle and the stars shine this year.


Of course, I am traditionally revealing what exciting, good, useful and nice gifts you can put under the tree. Because of course, as a fashion expert avant la lettre, I know exactly what is the right chord to strike with your dear friends, girlfriends and, if you have been raised free, your family.


Screw Marlies Dekkers

I have a very nice scoop for you, dear lingerie friends: just before the wonderful evening of Sinterklaas, my fine neighbors at Dutch Designers Outlet have stocked the shelves with a fine mountain of lingerie by none other than the famous lingerie brand Marlies Dekkers. And ooh lala there are gems among them. It's such beautiful lingerie, you could decorate your Christmas tree with it. I know people who have done that once. And then, without batting an eyelid, the whole family sat down to Christmas dinner with red faces. As a good friend of many designers, you experience this kind of thing from time to time. The cream of the crop does not pass my nose by easily. So tip one from you design expert and Christmas planner: Marlies Dekkers can put the tree up!


Barking lingerie trends for the holidays

While I was quietly trend-watching from my designer basket and wrapping my lips around a high-quality bone, I saw many more goodies passing by. I'm not just referring to that perky Dita, who by now knows her way around my neighbors well and whom I occasionally experience some bark fatigue from. I am also a little older, so need my rest to come to visionary things. Anyway, she comes running by from time to time with the new acquisitions, which she shows off barking enthusiastically. And ladies and gentlemen, I can tell it's all gorgeous. Sometimes literally. Fashion at the moment dictates color, splendor, pomp, glitz and glamour. Well, my neighbors have got that down to earth, too. With some advice from me, of course. I've earned my spot in the boardroom, of course.


Scoring on gift night

Are you still looking for something nice for someone who holds a special place in your heart? Then sexy Christmas lingerie is a great gift for the holidays. Provided you buy the right size, because otherwise it can go wrong. Too small is not good, too big is also sensitive. So sneak into your partner's closet at an unseen moment and figure out your loved one's size. In order to score 100% on gift night, Christmas Eve or the Christmas season. Unpack with lace, color and glamour and I assure you the night will suddenly get a whole lot warmer. Which is extra nice in these expensive times. Anyway, an energy tip from your fashion guru: Turn off TV, put on lingerie and get under the covers. Warm against each other is the best energy you can generate together and it's very green too.


Measuring is scoring

Not quite sure about the sizes and you know that I sometimes order from my neighbors at Dutch Designers Outlet? Then you can make a phone call, of course. Or call in a friend of your love. You'll be fine. I can also help you with my many blogs I have written about sizes. If you are really a sassy flail, then turn it into a sexy game: "measure it." Hot temperatures guaranteed and that way you'll know the most current state of affairs.


Tinkle-fresh jingleballs

Meanwhile, it's also becoming temperatures again where yours truly's balls roll frozen through the polder like tinkle-fresh jinglebells. Cold, in other words. Fortunately, there are haute couture jackets for me as a hairy fashion stylist. Because I'll give it to you though, to do your business outside in these temperatures. Keep running you may think, but when you are a little older then running is also a challenge. No, believe me, I'm more a fan of the warm balls out of the fat: oliebollen and bitterballen. So going outside is a treat if you have to run urgently, but going back inside and everything warm and fluffy again is also worth a hurrah.


Cold days, white Christmas lingerie

Sentimental as I am, I still want a white Christmas too. It's so romantic and so cozy. My owners decorate the place to the max so it's a warm glowing festival of lights during these weeks. I do love it. More is more I always say. Except for underwear, I like the familiar lace, bows and straps. Maybe because I own an extensive collection of straps. Wearing the same bracelet every day is boring, so I also like to look perky.


Sexy ideas for the holidays

Anyway, I digress. I hope I have given you all some sexy and nice ideas for the holidays. Now if you are in possession of a prudish family or ditto in-laws, then of course you can also hide that sexy lingerie under the covers, by the warm jug. As a surprise for you and your partner(s). Also very nice and then you can both show up at Christmas dinner with a straight face. As long as you make sure you leave the year radiant and enter the new year!


Happy new Year dear friends and friends, on to a wagging fresh 2023!!!

Entirely yours and with sincere wagging,

Sir Sebastian
Lingerie guru extraordinaire

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