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mrt 7, 2023

Good day fine lingerie friends and friends. With wagging pleasure I bring you another blog of underwear entertainment. Well, not just entertainment, your gracious fashion guru would also like to teach you a thing or two. Because I've been around in lingerie land for so many years, especially in good company with beautiful designers like Marlies (Dekkers) Emporio (Armani) and my favorite Rosa (Faia), I also have many tips and tricks to share.
This year I am answering the many questions you ask my dear neighbors at Dutch Designers Outlet. Not only do I give you answers, but also all the tips and tricks that make you slowly unravel the secret of lingerie designers. Exciting? Definitely. Difficult? Not really, as long as you keep your finely minted snout on point.


March has a furry tail

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is already time for spring. The snowdrops have been competing for honors for a few weeks now and have perkily poked their beautifully skirted white bells out of the black earth. The grass is already getting greener, really not just next door. I have already heard the first blackbirds again. That is always the time when I already roll out my basket a little more actively. Then I hop through the corridor, looking for a bone and then I pass by the mirror. Well, after such a coiled winter in front of the fireplace with all that yummy food within reach, I can tell there's a little more dog on my butt. Time for more exercise, otherwise we won't fit into all those tempting swimwear I see already being bought at the Dutch Designers Outlet palace.


Tight(s) into spring

I think it's one of the most frequently asked questions in the fine lingerie underground: how does my figure look its best? In other words, after one of those winters under a coat (or in my case, ín a coat), we often find that our figure takes up a little more space than it did before we wrapped ourselves in winter blankets and binged on the couch in the Netflix pose with a candy bar or cookie. Fortunately, there are all sorts of tricks that will ensure you can show off a breathtakingly slim figure. Then, in the meantime, if you don't just sponsor the gym, but step in every once in a while, I guarantee you can regain quite a bit of that summer look.


Measure your mate

We get down to business. First, the realistic approach: measuring is knowing. Believe me, all those famous lingerie friends have to do it too. Really: even Giorgio, you know the one from Emporio, is sighing in front of the mirror after a winter full of goodies. So pull your tape measure out of mothballs and get to work. Make it something fun by doing it together with your sweetheart, bit of teasing but maybe it will also work motivating. Effective measuring. With the Dutch Designers Outlet fairies' comprehensive sizing chart page, you'll know immediately which size talks best to your figure. You measure the breasts over the widest part behind over the nipples. And then tightly under the breasts.


But ladies, with a bra on. Because then the boobs are in the right place. For the ladies who devour my blog, this is old news. However, admit it, you had kind of forgotten about this already, right?


Waistband taken out of context

You measure your waist at the narrowest part of your belly, below your ribs. And your hips right back at the widest part of your thighs, and make sure you lay your ribbon nice and straight across the back.


Then when realism has set in, it is helpful to write down your measurements. Preferably by the date you measure. Because nothing works more motivating than to measure again in a few months and then look back at how you've progressed. High five to yourself in May! And if your waist is now completely out of context, then until the bandages are back, you can take refuge in corrective underwear. No shame, because even the Kardashians of this world use corrective lingerie. In fact, they have released an entire line of it! No shame and lots of fame! We invented this kind of lingerie for a reason, so take advantage of it.


Packing your figure at its most advantageous

I hear you thinking: now where is that answer to the question of what works best for me figure. Well mes amis, since you are now perfectly measured, you know your underwear size and the big shopping can begin. Because you sort by size on this website, grab the blogs about color and figure and you can shop endlessly. Right away in the right size, color and style.


I think you just happen to come across some very nice bargains. And it avoids disappointment, because you already search by your perfect size. So you see at a glance all the goodies that not only fit you, but also pack your figure beautifully. As long as you keep in mind that your figure and your size are the basis, you'll be fine shopping for what fits your figure.
And if you get started on your perfect figure now, I'll be quipping to my friends to see what I can provide you with entertaining tips on next month.
Until then, don't make yourself thin, round is the fashion. Move enough, but also enjoy yourself immoderately. Then your measurements will be just fine.

Entirely yours and with sincere wagging,

Sir Sebastian
Lingerie guru extraordinaire

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