Grab your swimsuit in May(d)!

Pak je badpak in mei(d)!
mei 15, 2023

It's still a bit of a crazy spring, don't you think? While wagging my tail I get everything wet, while in May I generally have to walk carefully with my paws between the brooding chickens. Now I do trip over the young geese during my ten thousand steps a day plan, but it doesn't really want to get dry. Still, it is already bathing suit and bikini time at my neighbors at Dutch Designers Outlet. And let's face it, if it's so wet, then let's walk in the bathing suit brightly, right! Now in our lovely designer office, we also get the occasional question about beach fashion. And since we live in the year of answers, this month I would like to answer you the question: How does my swimsuit (or bikini) not get too tight? And since you want to look totally salonable in the summer, you can't get started early enough with the answer from your gracious lord of lingerie. on.


Find your swimsuit now

Even if your bathing slippers still regularly float across your balcony or terrace, May is already the time to start thinking about a new set of swimwear. Then we have to overcome something. You have to stand in front of the mirror in your underwear, with your milk-bottle legs and unpainted toes, and take a good look at the Netflix damage of the past few months. Maybe you've gotten a little rounder in this and that place. That, by the way, is not a problem at all for this wagging mustache guy. Every pound goes through the mouth and always stays on an increasingly delicious ass, is my motto. However, it could be that your swimwear from last year just doesn't fit nicely over those curves anymore. Then you can go on a diet, but...why should you? If you like to look at your curves, I would say show them off. However, a well-fitting swimsuit or fine bikini is a lot nicer than your size smaller of last year.


Tips for rolling up rolls

You've already got the first tip from your fashion guru and high dog psychology professor: thinner is not always better. So the next tip I've recently acquired myself: my fine neighbors at Dutch Designers Outlet sell swimsuits with, mind you: corrective power-net. Yes, I've been running jaunty four-legged for quite a few years, but that's a new term for me, too. It means that your rolls that might give you a little too many curves can be rolled up in a nice way. Take for example the amazing designers at Bomain, they have swimwear with that power net. If everything doesn't stay in the net properly, I'll have my paws in my hair. It seems to me that if that power net is finished with a nice print and a top fit, nothing will fall out and therefore stand out even more.


Swimming without pinching anything off

So it is true that if you feel good in your body, you will therefore fit nicely in a swimsuit. Prefer a bikini? Love it, too. I like to see a nice bare belly. Even a perky king poodle likes to be stroked on the belly, yep. But I digress again...that's also age a bit, my gray whiskers sometimes distract me for whole days. Back to the bikini. It can still be quite concealing. Without pinching off too much while swimming, by the way. Because that is not pleasant. Fit is everything, also with swimwear. You have been reading and following me for many years and you know my motto: Measuring is knowing. So measure your perky boobies, round your buttocks with the centimeter and don't kid yourself. A little woman has a grasp of numbers, but uses them well. Knowing your measurements makes clamping down on this and that a lot less obvious. Just read a few blogs back.


Sizing yourself up

For those ladies who do want to keep things a little more under wraps, there are fine Tankinis for sale. These bikinis with higher bottoms, or longer tops, have been quite salonfähig at the beach and pool for years. They conceal in all the right places, while making you feel free and joyful as you take a walk on the beach or walk to the beach bar. Everything is snug and comfortable behind the second skin of elastane and quick-drying microfibers. No hassle with roll-up tank tops or strings pressing into the flesh. With a tankini, you can size yourself up just fine.


Miss ironing plan may also be there

If you are not at all afflicted with any kind of shapes, then a teeny bikini is right up your alley. Because of great mathematics and physics, they make you look like you can show off a lot of shapes. A triangle top emphasizes the shape of your shoulders and breasts, while a tight tanga sitting a little lower emphasizes your hips. As you can see, every figure has its own strengths. The trick is to emphasize those strong points. Then no one will see those points that you stare at every day. No use at all, take it from me.


Comfortable into the Beach shorts

And finally, a quick word for the gentlemen. You too can indulge yourselves on the beach in a nice pair of beach shorts or a tight pair of swimming trunks. Check if those shorts from last year still hang well around the hips, or if you have a huge construction worker's cleavage in them, on purpose or not. Believe me gentlemen, I regularly bivouac at this kind of cleavage height and it doesn't really get me hot. There are very, and I mean very few people male persons who can get away with this. No, even Brad Pitt can decently have pants that are too tight and too low. So now don't pretend you don't care, just buy a pair of crisp new swim trunks in the right size. Little on the belly and over the buttocks, comfortable and not too tight. Then you'll be good to go again. Do a nice color coordinated set with your sweet partner and together you can parade along the beach. Nothing will be too tight and you will all swim through the summer.


I am in the mood for a splash! So let's put on my best doggy eyesight, so I can parade jauntily outside again.

Entirely yours and with sincere wagging,

Sir Sebastian
Lingerie guru extraordinaire

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