Sinterklaas lingerie and Christmas lace

nov 14, 2022

Hello dear lingerie lovers and trend followers of our underwear empire.

Let me fall in with my dog's paws: In these strange and also expensive times, it is good to watch the pennies a bit. Even I, as a mundane dog, really do have to take a bone less every now and then, and my rug has now become a double rug so we can cut back somewhat on heating costs. But ... I have for you the best tips for planning ahead to the holidays. Because, if you start early enough, you'll have your costs spread out and you won't have to worry about a red tail at the end of the holiday month. And since I get really involved in all that shopping, I also know exactly where you can get just the cutest bargains on underwear!


Tet a tet, mavericks in lingerie

We are back from a delightful tet-a-tet for tits, at the various buyers of lingerie stores. I got to stick my finely honed sense of smell back into the cream of lingerie land. So nice that I have been allowed to interfere with the purchasing policies of my dear Dutch Designers Outlet neighbors for years. You tell me, without my excellent advice there really wouldn't be so much gorgeous stuff hanging on the racks. We have once again sourced all the top Dutch designs and designers for this lusty warehouse and your oh so appreciated lingerie webshop.


Fussy, practical or sexy lingerie?

The advantage of starting your holiday shopping on time is that you also miss out a bit less in terms of sizes and designs. After all, you're ahead of the pack, so to speak. And believe me, as a dog, I know all too well that a mob is hard to avoid. Not to be confused with meek, which is another word and mood. Boring lingerie, we don't sell. If it has to be solid and practical, you can also go to Dutch Designesr Outlet, but they always provide a frivolous side to these kinds of sets. Nothing wrong with practical ladies, it can't be hanging in the ties or out the door all days. However, that doesn't mean it can't be pretty. If you like to give lingerie as gifts, my neighbors have the perfect outfits hanging out for you.


Sexy lingerie is worth a party

Pakjesavond is one of those wonderful Dutch traditions that I look forward to wagging my tail for joy. Because I love presents. Bad presents, small presents, lots of presents especially. And adorably wrapped ladies and gentlemen also make me hot. Say it yourself, getting a sexy lingerie set from St. Nicholas himself puts you in the right mood for a wonderful evening! Well-wrapped peppernuts is my guilty pleasure. So a nice boxer short for in the sack of St. Nicholas can't be missing either.


A wonderful evening for adults

Now I hear you thinking: sinterklaas is a family celebration, how do I explain a red lingerie set to my 8-year-old nephew? No, of course your feline dog trend watcher is not promoting this. Please, I have no intention of being cancelled. You have to be so careful these days. You guys know me all too well. Of course, these kinds of packages are only unwrapped when the doeraks are already in bed, monkeying around with marzipan and other assorted goodies. And overjoyed with the newest Nintendo games. Then the wonderful evening begins for the moms and dads, moms and moms and dads and dads. Or in any combo. Any sexy lingerie set is worth a party, but together as adults.


Dressed and prepared for the last month

Of course next month I will take you through the fabulous Christmas lingerie you can also find at my neighbors at Dutch Designers Outlet. But you can prepare in advance. Like I said: a prepared person counts for two...or something like that, well you know what I mean. If you mail a few nice sets to your partner now, with the right size in the hint, and the hint that your size is still in stock... then chances are you'll get a fitting, really fitting, gift. Another nice tip: you can also hint at the gift by telling him or her when you will put on that sexy fun underwear set. At Christmas, but also Valentine's Day ... birthday parties. And during the week could be just as well ... I guess no partner is insensitive to that.


Furthermore, it is always useful to think ahead to next spring, or maybe you will spend the holidays on a tropical island. Then just find a bathing suit. Well, at Dutch Designers Outlet you can still score a nice swimwear set for great prices in November! That also makes a nice gift. Do you understand that I am already looking forward to the holidays? Mariah Carey and Wham are on, I'm waggling through the warehouse and we're all going to get super sexy and matching outfits. Then I hum along while humming: Laaaast Christmas, it did not fit right...but this year, to save me from tears, I'll buy you something special!!!

Entirely yours and with sincere wagging,

Sir Sebastian
Lingerie guru extraordinaire

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