Bolas Underwear Boxer shorts

There are days when a nice piece of Dutch design quality just makes you happy. It's exactly at those moments that it's good to know that there is such a thing as Bolas, a strong and fearless home-grown brand that is completely dedicated to men's underwear. If you haven't tried them yourself yet, trust the judgement of the largest designer lingerie outlet in the country, because at Dutch Designers Outlet Bolas has been on the ball for years!

Bolas Underwear - what's in a name?

Instead of following the latest trends in the lingerie world as a guideline, Bolas chooses for a refreshingly different approach. Bolas presents itself as a brand 'for men with balls' - and rightly so, because the Spanish word Bolas can be translated to, you guessed it, balls. It is not entirely clear if this literally means something physical, but figuratively Bolas hits the nail on the head with the slogan 'nothing is as sexy as self-confidence'. That self-confidence radiates from every man who covers himself in the sleek designs of Bolas boxer shorts, because this is the better man's work. Rugged lines, bold colours and sturdy stitching are alternated with fresh prints and bold images. Yet it does not matter whether you go for dazzling colour combinations or opt for a tough solid design, because in every Bolas boxer, masculine shapes get the emphasis they deserve.


Bolas underwear matches good looks with a good feeling

We can already hear you thinking: all well and good, those Bolas boxer shorts look so cool, but what about comfort and a free feeling? Well, I would not worry about that if I were you. All designs for Bolas underwear are inspired by the man of today, with all the high demands that a busy job, relationships, children and of course sports place on him. Bolas boxer shorts are made to breathe and stay fresh where lesser models fall short. This is because Bolas understands what moves men, but it is mainly due to the choice of materials, design and techniques that ensure quality that can withstand a beating. Are you the type to go to the gym first, then ride your bike to work, pick up the kids in the afternoon and go on to the next appointment? Okay, hats off, but definitely not boxers, because your Bolas underpants will stay as fresh, fruity and flexible as you are all day long. Which is just as well, because suppose you want to show off your best side at the end of that jam-packed day, once the kids are in bed... That's right: then your Bolas boxer shorts will still look as cool and sexy as when you put them on early this morning.


Pull on the bold boxer

If the style of our Bolas boxers appeals to you, then you know Dutch Designers Outlet is the best place to try one on. For our outlet prices you don't have to leave, so let yourself go and find a nice model. That is the essence of our success formula: we take care of the discount, you take care of the Bolas!

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