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Peter Domenie dresses

Peter Domenie dresses are the ultimate seduction

Ooh we have another gem of a Dutch designer for you. The fetish and nightwear designer Peter Domenie is more Rotterdam than a crane and more subtle than you are used to from Rotterdammers. Peter makes seductive dresses, partywear and fetishwear for people who dare to stand out. This way you can draw all the attention to yourself, you don't even have to hoist your hem up, so to speak... Peter Domenie's dresses are more than suitable for the bedroom, but we think it's best to wear his dresses anywhere. Why show that beauty only indoors? Exactly, we think!

Transparent dresses for sultry nights

The transparent tulle dresses of Peter Domenie are a delight for your figure because of the lines of his designs. Whether you're a minidress or a beautiful round seductress, the perfect fit and fine stretch fabrics will make you look your most seductive. The subtle interplay of lines accentuates the right places and rounds off your other strengths perfectly. Hats off to this designer, who still designs and cuts all his designs himself.



Peter Domenie dresses, covers and reveals

Do you want to be sophisticated, but do you find transparency a little too revealing? Fear not, under the motto don't bullshit but polish Peter Domenie has fabrics that cover you but still reveal your perfect figure. With fine fabrics that are super comfortable and have a beautiful shine. The fabrics look dangerously sexy, but breathe very practical and well thought out. Which makes anyone who sees you in a Peter Domenie dress think, "That's a very cool lady." In addition to the designs, Peter Domenie has also developed a number of fabrics and prints himself. The blue/black skulls&rose print is one such example of a fabric specially produced for the Peter Domenie collection. Dresses, tops, skirts and leggings are some of the designs made in this dangerously tasty print. So delicious, that with a little kek combine his designs also easy to wear on your (home) office.



Peter Domenie dresses collection at the Dutch Designer Outlet

Dutch Designers Outlet and Peter Domenie go back years. When Dutch Designers was still a little lady, they already sold sample collections of this breed-Dutch designer. And now there is another chance to work together. It is not for nothing that we are the biggest Designers Outlet for Dutch designers. The Peter Domenie dresses collection can be found for very nice prices in our online store. Everything Peter Domenie designs is made in small editions, so we're really finished. The advantage is that you always get original. And that all eyes are on you. Combine the Peter Domenie dresses with our fine Dutch lingerie brands and you can't go wrong anymore. Order your Peter Domenie dresses before 16.00 on Monday to Friday and we will ship them the same day. Have we been able to seduce you?

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