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Lean Back: Take a walk along

The Story

#Moments of recognition, the fragrance that takes you back to the innocent phase of life, when, looking back, the sun always seemed to shine, everything was peaceful and you had no idea what was going on in the world. A fragrance closely associated with childhood memories and tenderness and almost feels like an extremely sensual touch. Lean back and take a walk down memory lane.


The Scent

A fragrance described as a euphoric aroma of passion and emotion, as warm, seductive and also a sense of mystery, there is something extraordinary about this scent. The spicy, calming opening is well-suited to the virile-strong sandalwood.

Color Associations

Blue - Color of faithfulness and loyalty.


Purple - Color of seeing further than you can see.


White - Colour of showing and shining.



Rice - The action of different substances creates a very beautiful subtle and very feminine scent.


Almond - Almond Blossom has an enchantingly mild scent. A feminine marzipan aroma. Did you know that the Almond tree is a symbol of eternal love?


Vanilla - Amber fragrances are warm, full, sunny and often sensual scents.

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