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For the best designer swimwear you can go to Dutch Designers Outlet. We have a keen eye for the highest quality, but also a strong feeling for the best prices. You'll notice this not only in our lingerie collection, but also in the bikini bottoms you'll find in our range. The best design of the top shelf by Dutch top designers, delivered directly to your door, but with discounts that can grow to more than eighty percent of the regular price? You will only find this at the largest designer swimwear and underwear outlet in the Netherlands and Belgium. These will be your perfect bottoms in the surf this summer!

Dare to shine in our exclusive designer women's bikini bottoms

In the heart of summer, on golden beaches, for many of us the moment of truth has arrived. Now it comes down to it: did all those hours in the gym or under the sun yield the desired result? We rarely expose ourselves as much as we do in a bikini, so vacation is the time to test whether you've achieved your desired beach looks . These are the moments you can use some help, preferably in the form of the best high end designer swimwear you can find. With the bikini bottoms you'll find here at Dutch Designers Outlet, you can be sure that your outfit will be perfect. Make sure you look as good as possible this summer while you enjoy your sun-drenched holiday pleasure with real Dutch top design. Of course you'll get that right from our collection of bikini bottoms with benefits that will get you a tan even without sunlight!


The best bikini bottoms under the sun

If you're the biggest in your field, then there are significant advantages. Dutch Designers Outlet likes to share those advantages with the people who matter: smart fashion connoisseurs like you! The way we buy from the best brands in the Dutch swimwear and lingerie sector ensures breathtakingly low prices. You don't have to go to the normal chain stores and boutiques to find brands of this caliber. That's a good thing, because once you know us, you won't have to leave the house anymore to find the best bikini bottoms. It's a simple matter to browse our assortment at your leisure, pick out your favorite bikini bottom and go, before you know it, your new favorite fashion statement will be quickly and safely delivered to your door. Whether you're looking for a bikini bottom in black, blue, white or perfect pink, you'll find the right color and size here. From high bikini bottoms, to bikini bottoms with legs or, if your bottom should be seen: a bikini bottom in the form of a thong.


Bring the sun into your home with our bikini bottoms

It's almost as easy as lying on the beach, and besides, you'll save on your holiday budget, so you can sunbathe even more relaxed than usual this summer. We may not be so lucky with our summer weather here in the Low Countries, but the great designs that our fashion leaders come up with every season make up for a lot. So take advantage of the best, most beautiful and comfortable bikini bottoms in the world, by shopping smart and affordable designer fashion at Dutch Designers Outlet!

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